How do I create an account?
Upon checking out, you will be asked for your email and a chosen password. These will be your login details for the next time that you come to the site. We will also store your chosen delivery address for you to use at a later date.
I have forgotten my password. How do I request a new one?
On the login screen, beneath the password box, you should see a 'Forgotten Password?' button, which will take you to the forgotten password page which will guide you through how to reset your password.
The product I want is out of stock. When will it be back in stock?
We always try to stock the products you want. However, if the product that you want doesn't show or is out of stock, please contact our store and our staff will assist you with finding your product.
Do you offer a price match promise?
Please contact us in store to find out about our Price Match Promise.
Will I receive the exact model shown?
Images of the items shown on our website are for illustrative purposes only. We have made every effort to display all the item colours and features accurately. However we cannot guarantee that all the images displayed on your screen will accurately show the true colour of the item delivered to you. Please be aware that colours may differ between manufacturers. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that item specifications are correct on our site, due to continual item development, specifications may change without notice. If you have any queries regarding a product specification or colour, please contact us or visit us in store.
Can I change my delivery address in my account?
To change your address, simply go onto 'My Account' and click onto 'Address'. On this screen, you are able to edit your delivery address and any other addresses you may need.
What forms of payments do you accept?
We accept a wide range of payments, such as Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and Maestro. Please contact us to enquire about American Express and Delta.
Are my personal details safe?
Yes, all of your personal details are safe. Please read our 'Privacy and Security' page for more details on how we keep your personal details safe.
Can I pay on finance?
To find out if we can offer you finance, please contact us and we will assist you with your payment.
Price Match Promise explained
Please see our Price Match Promise page for more detail.
Where can I find the latest promotions?
We like to give you the very best price for your products, which is why we update our promotions regularly on our 'Special Offers' page.
How can I get an invoice for my order?
You will receive an invoice via email after ordering, however if you require a more detailed invoice, please contact us in store.
How much does delivery cost?
Please see our Delivery page for more information.
Can you install my new product?
Please see our Installation page for more information on our installation services.
What happens to my old product?
We abide by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations set out by the European Community directive in 2003, which means it is our responsibility to dispose of your old electronic items correctly. Visit our Recycling page to read more on how we dispose of your products.
What do I need to do prior to my installation?
There are a couple of things you will need to do before we install your new kitchen appliance. Please see our Installation page for more information.
Can I pick up my new product from your store?
Please see our Delivery page for more information on whether we offer shop collection.
My product has been damaged during transit. What can I do?
This is rare, but please contact us with the details of the driver and a description of the damage, and we will try our bests to resolve the issue.
What do I do if my product has a warranty and is faulty?
If you believe your product to have a fault, please contact us to provide exact details of it's fault and we will assist you in resolving your product issue.
What do I do if my product doesn’t has a warranty and is faulty?
If your product's warranty has expired then unfortunately we are unable to replace it. Please contact us and we will assist you as best as we can with your issue.
How do I return an unwanted product?
If you do not want the product, you can return it unopened and unused to our store. Please contact us to arrange a time to do this and we can assist you with the process of getting a full refund.
What does my warranty cover?
What your warranty covers will depend on the brand, with mechanical and electrical failure being covered, not accidental damage. Please contact us if you would like to know more about warranties.
Who administers the warranty scheme?
The warranty shown on product specifications are administered by the manufacturers directly but contact us to find out more.
How long does my warranty last for?
The length of your warranty depends on the manufacturer as they all offer different time lengths; some offering 1 year, others up to 10 years. Please contact us and we will give you more information about the length of your products warranty.
What types of appliances do you sell?
Since 1987, here at Bedminster Domestic Appliances, we have established themselves as reliable, convenient and unrivaled quality home appliance retailers in Bristol. In this time we have gained excellent knowledge on what the most efficient brands are and what exact appliances are perfect for you and your home. Additionally to this, we are part of one of the largest buying groups in the UK, which allows us to have access to a multitude of domestic appliances and let us offer them to our valued customers at competitive prices. These are the the types of appliances that we offer: Laundry, Refrigeration, Cooking, Dishwashers, Floorcare, Sinks and Taps
What brands do you sell?
Bedminster Domestic Appliances are a member of one of the UK’s largest groups, giving access to international big name manufacturers. We select the best quality appliances from these manufacturers to ensure the best possible customer experience. The appliance brands that we sell include Bosch, Samsung, Sharp, Smeg, LIEBHRR and more. To access all the brands that we offer at Bedminster Domestic Appliances, please refer to our brands page.
What types of laundry appliances do you offer?
We offer a variety of laundry appliances from different manufacturers at competitive prices - the different types of laundry appliances we offer as follows: washing machines, tumble dryers, washer dryers and integrated / built-in. If you wish to view what laundry domestic appliances we offer at Bedminster Domestic Appliances, then visit our store in Bedminster, or alternatively visit our laundry appliances page.
What types of refrigeration appliances do you offer?
We offer a multitude of refrigeration appliances from international brands at highly competitive prices - here is the full list of refrigeration appliances that we offer: fridges, freezers, fridge freezers, american fridge freezers, wine coolers, chest freezer, intregated / built-In. Many people prefer to view what they buy before their purchase. If that is your preference, then feel free to head on down to our store in Bedminster, where you can view the excellent appliances that we offer, as well as getting the expert advice from our highly experienced staff. If you are not available to come to our store, call us on 0117 665 833 or visit our refrigeration appliances page.
What types of cooking appliances do you offer?
For your kitchen, we provide the most efficient, long-lasting cooking appliances from the world’s most relied on manufacturers. The cooking appliances that we offer are carefully selected by our team to ensure nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that your kitchen is the most important area of your home, therefore every appliance should be fully functioning and at a high standard. Here are the different types of cooking appliances that we supply: Cookers, ovens, hobs, range cooker, hood, splashbacks, microwaves and warming drawers. Please visit our cooking appliances page for our full range. Choosing a cooking appliance for your new or existing home can be a difficult task, therefore we recommend you visit our appliances store in Bristol. At our appliances store you will receive the help from our expert staff, some which have been with us for over 30 years! We ensure that they will find you a solution to your needs. Click here for directions to us!
What types of Floorcare appliances do you offer?
Keeping your home clean and tidy is a necessity. That’s why we offer a wide range of different floorcare appliances. Here is a list of the floorcare appliances that we offer and some of the benefits of each one: Cordless Vacuum - Cordless are excellent for reaching in to small spaces and for smaller scale floor cleaning tasks. They are also great as you do not have to worry about plugging in and plugging out the appliance, meaning you can freely roam your home whilst cleaning. Cordless vacuum cleaners usually are a long pipe-shaped appliance with a small cylinder container. Cylinder Vacuum - Cylinder vacuum cleaners have many benefits, one of the greatest being that they are multi-purpose. They generally have different attachments so that they can be used for different purposes and scales of tasks. Owning a cylinder vacuum has its benefit as you will not need to purchase another floorcare appliance for a different task. Handheld Vacuum - The most cost-effective floorcare appliance. Handheld vacuum cleaners are small, cordless, and excellent for small floorcare tasks, such as removing dust from crevices in your home. Robotic Vacuum - Effortless, small and reliable. Robotic vacuum cleaners are for those who may not have the time to clean their floor on their own or perhaps those who just cannot be bothered to get up to clean the floor. These magnificent gadgets will clean your floor without you having to take a step. Upright Vacuum - Probably the most recognisable vacuum cleaner. Upright vacuums are large and capable of cleaning bigger areas of floor. Upright vacuums also generally have large containers, so you won’t have to constantly empty out the dust that has been collected. For more information and to view our floorcare appliances, please refer to our floorcare page.
Why should I buy my appliances from BDA?
When looking to purchase household appliances, it wouldn’t be wise to look anywhere else besides Bedminster Domestic Appliances. For over 30 years, we have supplied the Bristol area with high-spec kitchen appliances from the world’s most trusted and reliable manufacturers. It is also a great honour to be a part of one of the UK’s largest buying groups, giving us access to the latest appliances and technology for your homes. Our store in Bedminster has on display the latest appliances and our staff situated there can give unmatchable advice on what product is best for you.
Where is your store located?
Our store is located in Bedminster and is just off Bedminster Bridge roundabout on the A370. Our full address is stated below: 52 Bedminster Parade, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4HS
What are the signs that my oven is faulty?

Here are some common signs that your oven may be in need of repair or replacement:

  • Your food is consistently coming out burnt
  • Abnormal odors are coming from your oven
  • Your oven is making strange noises
  • Noticeable electrical problems
  • Your food is coming out cold or raw
  • Preheating time seems longer
  • Your oven door isn’t shutting properly.

Repair is much better than replacement, it will save you much more than having a whole new oven installed. If you are getting any of these symptoms with your oven, then it is very likely your oven is faulty. Bedminster Domestic Appliances are skilled at repairing ovens, please call us with your problem and we will find a way to resolve this for you.

What are the signs that my dishwasher may be faulty?
These are common signs that your dishwasher may be faulty: It’s starting to rust, water remains after a wash, water leaking on the floor, it’s starting to crack, your dishes are coming out dirty, unusual noises when the dishwasher is working and the door doesn’t lock. Generally speaking, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms with your dishwasher, you are most likely going to need a replacement, however, repair work can still sometimes be completed. If you are experiencing these issues or any other issues with your dishwasher, then call us today on 0117 9665 833.
What are the signs that my hob may be faulty?
Having a faulty hob isn’t just an inconvenience, it can also be a safety hazard. Here are some of the symptoms of a faulty hob: Gas leak from a gas hob, ignition not working, unable to adjust heat, E symbol flashing up on hob control and cooking plate not heating up. Some of these issues may be best left in the hands of a gas engineer, however, we can advise you on what's the best option for you next or if we could potentially repair the hob. Call us today on 0117 966 5833 and discuss with our friendly team the problems you are experiencing.
What are the signs that my refrigerator may be faulty?
Here are the most common signs that your refrigerator may be faulty: The motor is running hot, food inside the refrigerator is rapidly spoiling, your refrigerator is more than 10-years old, you can hear the refrigerator running and excessive condensation. If you are experiencing any of these problems with your refrigerator, please contact us on 0117 966 5833 for advice. Our team may be able to repair your refrigerator or if not help you to replace the appliance with a higher quality, longer lasting refrigerator.
Where can I get my appliance repaired?
Bedminster Domestic Appliances are also experts at repair work on household appliances. If a household appliance you have purchased from us is experiencing problems, please contact us so we can get to the bottom of your problem. Some of the repair work we do also comes under the warranties we offer with our appliances. To enquire about our repair services, call us today on 0117 966 5833.




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